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Security in an Uncertain World

After many research hours, FTI was awarded the followingU.S. Patents. These patents provide our users some of the most inventive and accepted security featuresfor checks and other negotiable documents that are available in the market place today.

U.S. Patent # Awarded



1 Amount Line SEL Ink/VOID Feature The amount line pantograph is printed with an erasable solvent ink that turns white or bleeds when attempting mechanical or chemical erasure alterations. It also reacts to ultraviolet light on specialty papers. The amount line is also printed with different pantograph background than the signature area and the balance of the check. The patented use of multiple pantograph designs produce voids through different density settings on the copier.

2 Unique Borders The borders on the left & right are unique and are interwoven with hidden covert features that are very difficult to copy or scan. On our Rainbow checks that have a multi-color prismatic design, this border is two interwoven colors.

3 Rainbow Prismatic Versions The pantograph check design is printed with graduated colors. These versions are the most difficult to photocopy and include our void copier security feature.

4 Micro Printing The bottom line border on the check and the endorsement are micro printed with Fingerprint Security™ and can only be seen when magnified. Micro-printing cannot be photo copied or scanned.

5 Signature Area U.S. PATENT The signature area is printed with a different pantograph background than the check and


6 Back Heat Sensitive Ink U.S. PATENT The Knight™, Fingerprint Security™ wording and Fingerprint Seal are printed in the endorsement area on the back of the check with heat-sensitive pink Thermochromatic ink that will disappear at temperatures above 85 degrees by blowing or rubbing

7 ABA Check Endorsement U.S. PATENT A Knight™, Fingerprint Security™ wording and Fingerprint Seal are printed in the endorsement area on the back of the check and are facsimiles of the watermarks. On Fingerprint Checks they are printed in the same color as the pantograph. The endorsement is printed with a warning clause indicating the face of the check contains a colored pantograph background the same as the check.

8 Watermarks U.S. PATENT The artificial Knight™ and Fingerprint Watermarks cannot be photocopied and may be seen when holding at an angle, under a black light on specialty papers. They are coin-reactive and turn grey by rubbing with a coin

9 Fluorescent Fibers The artificial fluorescent fibers may be seen when viewed under a black light with specialty papers